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Fire Extinguishers

Water Type

Water, the best fire extinguishant suited for combating fires involving ordinary carbonaceous materials like wood, paper, cloth, rubber & jute. Water extinguishes fire rapidly by striking, instant cooling & quenching effects.


  • Stunning looks & Design
  • High Quality Powder Coating
  • Squeeze Valve for easy to use
  • ISI Marked
 PERFORMANCE DATA  Technical Datasheet
 Capacity (In Ltrs.)  9
 Fire Rating  3A
 Average Discharge Time  25 sec
 Height (Approx.)  60 cm
 Diameter (Approx)  175 mm
 Gross Weight (Approx.)  12.5 Kg
 Operating Temperature Range  +5°C TO +55C
 Service Pressure  15 bar
 Maximum Service Pressure   16 bar
 Test Pressure  35 bar
 Certification  BIS (ISI)